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As a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, the World Institute for Self Healing Inc. (WISH) is dedicated to education, research, development and the application of human self-healing and mental power. Its establishment is in response to the fact that many chronic diseases are not curable with modern medicine, and that many drugs used to treat these diseases have long-lasting side effects. WISH attempts to promote human health through effectively developing and applying human self-healing and mental power, which can turn occasional "placebo" effects into everyday results, and turn "miracles" into ordinary occurrences.

Taiji Five-Element Medical Qigong is a qigong system developed to rapidly reveal your self-healing potential, to boost your immune function and to increase internal healing capacity for many chronic diseases. (See details)

Health Recovery Medicine: New Medicine Of The Millennium
I truly believe that self healing based qigong medicine will revolutionize the way human beings cope with disease. We should introduce this new medicine to more people, encourage them to adopt it and give mankind a happy healthy future. (See details)

Cancer is NOT incurable
When cancer is mentioned, most people are scared and their faces turn pale when they talk about it. Is cancer really an incurable disease? No! (See details)

A Drug Free Solution: the Future of Medical Development
This drug-free therapy certainly provides a macro and holistic approach to achieving total health. (See details)

What's New
For the first time WISH is having a Special Summer Sale on all the products until August 4, 2006. All orders will receive a 20% discount and WISH members will receive an additional 10% discount. Orders with more than 10 items will receive a 30% discount and for WISH certified instructors it will be a 40% discount.
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The new "Miracles of Qigong Healing" DVD is now available
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