A Drug Free Solution

The Future Of Medical Development

In the realm of health, all people are equal where disease is concerned, regardless of ethnicity, educational, social, and economic status. We may all have different purposes in life but we all value and pursue good health - as individuals, for our families and friends and even for society as a whole.

The biggest enemy of health of course is disease, which can rob us of our privilege of a long and healthy life. Throughout history people have persistently searched for ways to conquer illness. In ancient oriental or early Greek medicine the emphasis was on maintaining the unity of body and mind. This philosophy of health was aimed at achieving oneness between people and nature and oneness between the body, mind and spirit. Clinically this manifested as a holistic approach to disease through consideration of the entire person at both the physical and emotional levels. The understanding that the source of physical ailments often comes from emotional turmoil has been tested through time. This approach has been practiced and verified for thousands of years and became the core belief of early medicine.

In the earliest Chinese classic medical documentation, theYellow Emperor's Internal Classic, it has been stated that, "When one is indifferent to worldly desires and in a tranquil state, true qi (the essence of vital energy) will follow, with internal focus on consciousness and intention, disease can not develop; retain vital energy within the body and the pathogenic factors which can cause disease can not disturb; when the pathogenic factors gather together the vital energy within the body must be weak.” This document clearly indicates the correlation between the body, mind, spirit, qi development and illness.

Furthermore, about fifteen hundred years ago, the ancient Zen founder Budi-Darmo foresaw the disadvantage of using drugs in treating illness: "Drug therapy is not the solution for curing illness because there are effective and ineffective drugs, and in addition drugs have negative side effects. Drugs only provide temporary relief of symptoms, while the source of illness still remains and the harmful effects of the medications will remain and may cause other illnesses. Disease can also re-occur from such factors as - side effects, weather changes and eating habits. Therefore for those who pursue the disciplines of Qigong and Taoism (natural rules), they must refrain from drug usage and concentrate on the disciplines themselves, such as physical and breathing exercises.”

This statement clearly points out the negative side effects of drugs. It also reveals the truth that drug therapy only brings temporary relief and does not restore health. Modern medical practice mainly treats physical symptoms, “It heals the head when one has a headache and heals the foot when one has a pain in the foot.” It also has the tendency to use drug prescriptions extensively, which then causes severe side effects and the ability to truly restore health is seriously inhibited.

Material advancement since the 17th Century has brought tremendous improvements in life styles and quality of living. This however has also increased the desire for more wealth and material things. Monetary gain has become the main focus of all sectors of life. This by-product of industrialization has also permeated the pharmaceutical companies. Fierce competition and economic motivation have materially altered their direction and their sacred mission of serving the public and assisting with the provision of good health.

Another recent development is the use of laboratory experiments as the sole validation of new medical findings. The medical community attempts to reveal all the secrets of human diseases through merely relying on anatomy and biological experiments and the development of different medications and antibiotics to treat various illnesses.

Since the ancient philosophy of mind-body medicine and the harmony between nature and people cannot be tested or proven in laboratory experiments at this point in time - it is not considered to be scientifically valid. In addition there is no financial value in pursuing the study of mind-body medicine, which is often perceived as superstition and hearsay. As a result validation is given only to the use of vaccinations and antibiotics, which have achieved significant positive health results in treating acute and infectious diseases.

However the same laboratory-based methods are also usually adopted for treating chronic diseases, which are mostly caused by emotional or mental disturbances. Such laboratory-based methods of treatment – which disregard emotional, psychological, personal and social factors, treating only symptoms but not the sources and treating the locale but not the system - may be effective in reducing the morbidity and mortality of some acute illnesses and infectious diseases. It is however, ineffective in treating coronary disease, diabetics, cancer, reoccurring tumor growth, neurological and digestive ailments, autoimmune disease and other chronic illnesses. Actually the morbidity and mortality associated with these chronic diseases has increased with the development of modern medicine.

In modern medicine, lifetime dependency on medication has become the most common "remedy." Although some drugs may relieve symptoms, they do not provide a cure. Chronic disease patients risk long-term accumulation of toxic effects by using drugs. Over a period of time the side effects damage other organs, which further complicates the illness. Even worse, the patient’s immune system and self-healing capability are severely reduced and suppressed. This detrimental result is often passed onto the next generation. The capabilities of self-healing, regeneration, immunity and self-preservation are innate instincts within the human biological system. These natural capabilities have enabled humans to survive and develop through thousands of years. Therefore the most crucial question that modern medicine and medical practitioners have to answer is - whether we should preserve, exercise and strengthen these natural faculties, or weaken, suppress and destroy these natural instincts.

Certain acute illnesses are caused by external sources, such as food poisoning, influenza and accidents. The modern medical procedures of surgery, injections, physical therapy and medications have proven effective since the source of these illnesses is simple and direct. This is the greatest contribution of medical research and development to the area of health.

Nevertheless the chronic diseases that are caused by internal sources, usually lay dormant for a long period of time with only subtle manifestations. They are long and more complex in nature as they are related to the seven emotional factors of happiness, sadness, anger, worries, shock, fear and mental activity. For chronic illnesses the standard medical manipulation and treatment cannot solve the fundamental problems. The matter is further complicated by the side effects of the drugs used to treat these diseases. These ineffective methods should not be applied in treating chronic illnesses.

*On the contrary chronic diseases can be effectively treated through emotional adjustment, qigong discipline, physical strengthening, the balance of the internal Yin and Yang energies and the promotion of self-healing without drugs. Eventually these methods will lead to a true cure for the illness.

Since 1989 I have devoted all of my efforts to helping people heal without drugs for various chronic illnesses through Qigong. Based on the philosophy of not using any modern medical manipulation and medication, I have found an effective cure for many patients with coronary diseases, hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure and digestive disorders. These are diseases and conditions for which the modern medical community usually resorts to recommendations of lifetime dependency on drugs for the patient. I have also helped many others obtain relief from pain, who have suffered from sports-related diseases such as: arthritis, rheumatism, spinal degeneration, spurs and other injuries. Many patients with different ailments which the experts and hospitals have considered irreversible or incurable, have all recovered completely with the help of my Taiji Five Element Self-Recovery System. These ailments include ocular degeneration, long-term deafness, bone marrow diseases, muscular degeneration, etc.

With continuing positive results, since 1992 I have furthered my dedication to research and the application of drug-free Qigong therapy to treat cancer. I have developed a systematic approach of using Qigong therapy to treat cancer without any medication involved. I refined this procedure during a period of more than eight years with actual hands on experience with cancer patients. I provided intensive Qigong training sessions to thousands of late-stage cancer patients, who were mostly rejected by hospitals and told for various reasons that no further medical treatment was available.

The comparative results of pre and post training examinations showed a tumor reduction rate of more than 50% and clearly showed an overall clinically effective rate of 90% or higher. Many terminally ill patients completely recovered and have been in good health for over seven years. In actual fact their physical condition is even better than the pre-cancerous state. The majority of these patients experienced a decrease in tumor sizes, disappearance of other chronic diseases and an improved quality of life through the practice of the Taiji Five Element Self-Recovery System, without taking any medication. Many students with other chronic diseases experienced an even faster and more complete recovery utilizing the same system.

In the past ten years, we have established and perfected a complete system of drug-free self-healing therapy through the Taiji Five Element Self-Recovery System. As we have applied and tested this system through actual clinical experiences, this self-healing system has become more and more operational, has proved to be very effective and is shown to have broad applications in the healing field.

The essential philosophy of this drug-free therapy is to abandon the idea of segregating the human body from the mind and to correct the tendency of treating the symptoms without considering the source. Its focus is on the change of attitude or basic health concept of seeking external help, to one of seeking internal solutions -- moving from passive to active engagement in one's own healing process. In addition to practicing the discipline of the Taiji Five Element Self-Recovery System, students are required to develop virtues with the principles of "Kindness as the foundation, forgiveness as the principle, and selflessness as the first priority." In doing so, students will be able to transform their psychological and emotional state to reach inner serenity, which is an important step towards being simple and empty minded and without desire. Furthermore through the energy experienced in collective qigong practice, Bigu (technical fasting) with gathering qi and continuous practice on their own, students may soon become free of drug dependence and rapidly achieve optimal self-healing. In short, the process of complete recovery is obtained by a fundamental change of one's inner being or consciousness, which is the breeding ground for both disease and well-being.

This drug-free therapy is a complete recovery system, which adjusts the mind-body interaction to achieve fundamental cures and health through a macro and holistic approach. Not only does it cure many chronic, terminal and recurring illnesses, but it also improves, strengthens and promotes the optimal performance of the immune system and self-healing power to actually prevent disease. Tens of thousands of Taiji Five Element Self-Recovery students have completely recovered after the intensive training under the guidance of this drug-free therapy. Yet previously they were considered untreatable lifetime drug dependents, with hopeless chronic diseases or severe cancers.

The most practical way to test or validate the effectiveness of these healing techniques is to utilize case studies not just laboratory experiments. The fact that countless patients in China and around the world were cured during the Taiji Five Element Self-Recovery training sessions is ample proof concerning the validity and applicability of this drug-free therapy. It has helped many people regain their health without any side effects. Instead of weakening, suppressing and destroying the immune system - the self-healing, self-repair capabilities and drug-free therapy helped to preserve, exercise and strengthen these natural instincts. Therefore as the knowledge of the benefits of this system become more widespread, it will no doubt attract more attention in the new century and become the driving force in making fundamental changes to the concepts of future medical development.